Thursday, January 27, 2005


Nihil Obstat, the "official" proofreader of the Catholic blogosphere, has on occasion been known to list any number of weblogs as being unusually inactive, under the occasion title of "ZZZZ." So it would be with this one, were not Nihil himself in the same mode lately.

Yes, I've been inactive for three weeks now. The start of school, the lousy weather, and being under it just a wee bit, all have contributed to my absense.

But the major factor has been one of reflecting on the future of this avocation of mine, this site which you are reading now.

Since being in class to earn a degree in web design, I've wondered if the quality of this site couldn't be enhanced; it's just a question of how. I've also been taking a careful look at the place of MWBH in the blogosphere. I've noticed people flocking to sites that are inactive for weeks at a time, keeping the comments box humming while the object of their adoration is on sabbatical for whatever reason. Usually it's someone with an already-established presence in Catholic publishing.

I can't compete with any of that. I had a chance to break into writing for the Catholic press several years ago. Even had a few things published. But it didn't quite happen -- yet.

I've been meaning to rise above the current slump. And so, in keeping with the first of the year, I've made a few resolutions. Wanna hear 'em? Well, you're gonna hear 'em anyway...

* A regular set of features. At least once a week, have the segment entitled "I read the news today, oh boy..." That one seemed to go over really well -- especially with me.

* Start a series, and actually finish it. I started a really good one on that Ave Maria thing last year, and never finished. Following the necessary research, I intend to re-introduce it, but only after I've already written out the whole thing. That way I know I'll be done.

* Be my damn self. The best sites are the ones where the author doesn't try to follow anyone else but his/her own muse. Or set of interests. For example, Irish Elk writes about baseball. Even if you're not a baseball fan, you can appreciate why he is. The way he integrates the game of baseball into the game of life, is a trick that bears watching. Another one is Dappled Things, authored by Father "Don Jim" Tucker, local priest and renaissance man extraordinaire. I shouldn't be afraid of the things that interest me, just because no one else is. (Does anyone in the Catholic blogosphere write about Boy Scouting? The whole Louisiana cajun/zydeco thing? Cohousing??? Nah, didn't think so.)

* At least once a week, remember one of the saints. Hopefully, I could top this little gem.

* Every two weeks or so, MWBH would feature a decent essay on a particular subject of current interest. It might be something written about elsewhere at St Blog's, but MWBH would take it in a different direction.

* Finally, maybe once a month, let out all the stops and go on a serious rant! Yeah, that's the ticket.

Starting tomorrow, stay tuned...

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Raines said...

I don't know about Catholic blogging about cohousing, but there's definitely a lot of activity around Church-centered creation of cohousing groups... many cohousing groups have Quaker roots (and similar consensus process), and I know of at least one Methodist church cohousing community in Oakland, CA.

Here's a few finds: