Monday, January 23, 2006

Choice Revisited

It is written in Scripture, that in the end times, Satan will appear as an angel of light, and will succeed in deceiving the Elect.

We have been deceived. In Florida, a Catholic bishop showed outright indifference while a man starved his comatose wife to death. The circumstances that brought about her condition continue to lay suspicion upon him. And while both State and Federal statutes were ignored concerning her care, in a facility that would have lost its license in another state under the same circumstances, the Governor of Florida and the President of the United States did nothing.

Over the weekend, the man who assisted in the death of his wife was married in a Catholic church, to the woman with whom he had been living for ten years, and with whom he had fathered two children.

But we can move on now, can't we?

However we choose to answer, the stage has been set. It will happen again. The generation that insisted on the right to "do your own thing" will find itself at the end of life, at the mercy of its own code of dishonor, as the children and grandchildren amidst their number pull the plug on their life support.

Who will speak out for them then? Who speaks out for them now?

Today, the largest annual demonstration in the Nation's capital will happen for the 33rd time. It will be mentioned in the local newspapers, alongside lesser counter-demonstrations calling for the death of the unwanted. The Culture of Death will no doubt plan its own march later in the year. It will be smaller, but will get more press attention (including a guide to the parade route in the local section), and more celebrities.

And so, after a year in which the mainstream press has lost some credibility, the crowds who would be ignored by them will march on. They cannot be ignored forever. Some people can't afford to. As a matter of fact, this government worker just received the following in an internal memorandum:

"The annual March for Life will take place today in Washington. The rally, which may draw hundreds of thousands..."

Somebody had better tell CNN.


mrsdarwin said...

Hadn't heard about the "wedding". Thanks for the tip.

It's my understanding that if one has murdered one's spouse in order to marry one's paramour, then that invalidates the second marriage. I suppose in this case it depends on your definition of "murder", "paramour", and "marriage".

Mr. Nixter said...

Very nice comment by Mrs. Darwin!

If I recall correctly, someone once said that a society will be judged by how it cares for its down-trodden, not its well-borne (or something to that effect).

And how, pray tell, will a society such as ours be judged if we allow euthenasia?

A rhetorical question at best, but how, I reiterate, will we be judged?