Friday, March 10, 2006

Okay, so I missed the Oscars!

Paradise Lost (Fox & Corrum)

I'm just relieved that "Brokeback Mountain" didn't get Best Picture. I'm even more relieved that the crown jewel went to a relatively unknown low-budget film from several years ago, which only got any widespread attention at all because Lions Gate Films picked up the distribution.

It's been a busy week at this end too. Like most of the "B List," I work for a living. But it's the funniest thing. Right after I signed up as an Amateur, I got a call from (dare I utter this), an admirer of my work from Maryland. That's a first for me alright. Now that it appears I've got some sort of cult following -- egad, did I really say that? -- I'd love to start a speaking tour in the area this summer, just as soon as I figure out what to say. But first, I'd love to get Dom Alcuin Reid to come to these parts, as long as he's in the States for a spell. I've got one of my best men on it. (Okay, a sympathetic pastor. You da man, Padre!)

Meanwhile, back on campus, we're coming into the last week. I have to give a presentation on the revamping of a website. My choice is none other than Catholic Charities USA.

Also, my boy Leroy Thomas, the best dressed man in Zydeco, is in town this weekend. "Somebody's lookin' for ya..."

Oh, and look for a new addition to "The Usual Suspects" entitled "Refdesk." If I didn't use this for a default page, I'd be using that. A tip of the Black Hat to "MK" for giving me the heads-up. You go, grrrl.


Amy said...

David, I went to LSUE for a while a few years ago (it's your link to Leroy Thomas). I love Zydeco but I'm a cajun girl.....whats your excuse? I also happen to live in DC now. Small world? Only if you're Catholic I guess.

Amy said...

oh, and how could I have possibly forgotten...I'm a card carrying Amateur.

Mr. Nixter said...

Believe it or not, Truman Capote has always been one of my favorite writers.

Does anyone remember the time he appeared on the Johnny Carson show (around 1970 or so) & sytematically performed a verbal dissection on Robert Blake?

Shall I recount the details to any interested readers of that same memorable evening's activities?