Thursday, March 08, 2007

California Dreamin'

I was sent this video a few days ago by "MT," showing the recently-held closing liturgy of Cardinal Mahony's annual Hunka-Hunka-Burnin' Love Fest -- or as it is known in polite company, the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress.

Naturally, I'd be disappointed were there no dance chorus at the recessional, and they've got that alright, with everyone looking suitably buff. But there is one point earler, before the final blessing, halfway through the clip, where His Immenseness makes some reference to "the other auxiliary bishops," while appearing to refer to the young ladies to his right serving as mitre and crosier bearers (the ones wearing humeral veils).

Maybe I just imagined it, right?

Two recent episcopal appointments, one of them in Dallas, are a sign of a gradual shift in the status quo. Nothing overnight, mind you. What's more, Mahony's ability to hold off his legal difficulties in matters of pederast clerics can only weaken.

Till then, we've got a few more years of this.


Father Schnippel said...

Slight correction, MwtBH, the veils that they are wearing are actually called 'vimpas,' which is somewhat related to the whimpa that nuns used to where.

Still, the comment was inappropriate at best. And the dancing, BLAH!

David L Alexander said...

Ah, yes, Padre, I remember now. They look like humeral veils from a distance. Only those don't have coats of arms on them, do they?

You think anybody in Rome watches YouTube? You think it matters?