Sunday, May 31, 2015


Today the Western church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Trinity, that whom is the perfect community of love, and from whom all creation originates. Its true nature, defined and redefined by sacred Councils in the first millennium of Church history, is nonetheless beyond human understanding.

But not for want of trying. (H/T to Ryan Ellis.)

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Love is a light burden that gladdeneth young and old;
Love is that blood-red winter's rose which blossometh in the cold;
He that giveth all to Love hath all that heart can hold.

Fond desire shall fade and fail as doth the flower in May;
Lust is but a fire of straw that smouldereth for a day;
Love that liveth in thy heart shall live and love for aye.

Thou that, on the Cross of Love, wast crowned of lovers King,
Melt this iron Winter, Lord, to Love's eternal Spring;
Hold and fold us all beneath the shadow of Thy wing.

Richard Rolle (1292-1349), version by Alfred Noyes)

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