Friday, December 28, 2018

Another Saint's Name?

Through the courtesy of my association with "Sal," I have a granddaughter in the Philippines, or at least a little girl who calls me "Lolo" (Tagalog for "Grandpa").

Scarlett is four years old today. As you can see, she takes after her mother, a professional model of national renown in her younger days. Indeed, our little one has been choosing her own wardrobe on a daily basis since before she was three. She is also precocious, whimsical, and occasionally likes to pick on her six-year-old brother Luic, who is very protective towards her just the same.

This little one and I share a birthday, apart by exactly sixty years. But why the name "Scarlett"? In the Philippines, children are traditionally named for the saint on or near those feast day they are born. Today is the feast of the Holy Innocents, which perhaps called for improvisation by her resourceful parents.

The name "Scarlett" is reminiscent of the color of the blood of the little infant boys, martyred on the order of King Herod in an attempt to eradicate the threat a newborn King might pose to his rule. Having been raised to the altar of sainthood with their sacrifice, our little princess enjoys the patronage of a throng of special little angels to protect her, much as her older brother would do, at times in spite of her boldness.

At the end of the day, she is adorable, just like her mother, not to mention her grandmother.

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