Tuesday, August 26, 2003

All The News That Fits

• Convicted sex offender and (subsequently) defrocked priest Paul Goeghan was strangled to death in his cell. The killer was a man already convicted of murder, who was known to have a deep hatred of homosexuals. It is also known, by anybody having anything to do with the penal system in this country, that "diddlers" are not the most popular among other inmates. This guy was dead meat the moment they turned the key on him.

• In Montgomery, Alabama, supporters of a statue honoring the Ten Commandments are asking a federal court to block its removal from the entrance to a court house. "One nation under God," or so they say.

• Gary Coleman is running for governor of California. Nice work if you can get it, kid.

• A report in Pipe and Drummer magazine shows that half of bagpipe players polled suffered a loss of hearing. Furthermore (and no less surprising), ten percent said their endeavors ruined their marriages.

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