Saturday, August 02, 2003

West By Northwest: Day One

I went dancing last night at The Surf Club. It couldn't be helped. There's a lot of it going on the first half of August, just as I'm heading out. So I'll catch both ends of it, starting with the night before.

I knew this would happen, so I packed on Wednesday night.

But still, it takes me forever to get the hell outa Dodge. Always one thing after another. But we finally managed to get on the road at one in the afternoon. And even though I missed that major fork in the road and had to go through Pittsburgh, enduring that as-yet-unexplained detour heading south out of town, we managed to get to my brother Steve's house in the northern suburbs of Cin City before midnight.

Highlights of the trip so far:

* Stopping at the Cracker Barrel outside of Cambridge, and just missing the legendary Joe The Busboy. This local phenomenon has got to be the world's fastest at his craft, loading his tray with care and precision, as if recorded at half-speed then played back normal. Although he had just left, we learned more about him. Having become a local celebrity alongside another hometown hero, John Glenn (who was a pilot or astronaut before going into politics, or something like that), he's 45, has a girlfriend but won't marry (the divorce rate is too high), and lives with his mom. But whatever kidding there may be at his expense, there is a general tone of respect for the man -- one who takes an otherwise menial task, and elevates it to greatness. Such is the way of things in middle America, and why I keep coming back. (That, and to visit family. Then there's that reunion thing...)

* Seeing the lighted sign on a truck stop along I-70: "Eat here... Get gas..."

Stay tuned...

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