Friday, August 06, 2004

"Be a hero, save a whale; save a baby, go to jail..."

"Throughout the Clinton regime, and continuing through the presidency of George W. Bush, a steady drumbeat of media propaganda has demonized America’s pro-life citizens as 'terrorists,' as a succession of executive, judicial, and legislative acts was issued to monitor them and restrict their free speech activities. As the intelligence services pushed a steady stream of information to Washington, alerting both the Clinton and Bush administrations that a major terrorist attack, with airplanes targeting major American symbols, was nearing the end of the planning stages, the Justice Department and the FBI seemed more interested in targeting American pro-lifers."

So far, no plans to run a jetliner into an abortion clinic have been uncovered. Don't hold your breath, sheriff.


At 9/09/2004 12:28:00 PM, Blogger JStark said...

I have news for you. The Bush administration is interested in fear fear fear. NOTHING ELSE.

HE HAS DONE NOTHING FOR THE PRO LIFE AGENDA. War is not prolife, but anti life. He is doing terrorism against the middle eastern people. God loves them just as much as HE DOES US. He even loves Bin Laden


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