Monday, August 08, 2005

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•  I've received the contract for the house, and plan to complete the ratification (or whatever the hell it is I'm doing) today. All this, after going over the whole thing twice, and consulting with... uh, my consultants. It is a one-bedroom-with-den townhouse in the Arlington Village neighborhood, located in the urban corridor of Columbia Pike, an up-and-coming section of southern Arlington.

•  Sal and I went to Mass at the National Shrine yesterday, accompanied by her sister-in-law, visiting from the Philippines. Before leaving, I stopped by the bookstore, where Amy Welborn and her husband Michael Dubruiel were doing a book-signing. Her report pretty well sums it up: "David really did have a black hat."

•  ABC News Anchor Peter Jennings passed away, after losing a bout with lung cancer. He was 67. Say what you will about the liberal bias in the news media, but the guy did pretty well for a high-school dropout. Many thanks, Peter.

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Jack said...

I wish David best of luck with his new acquisition. I'm sure a few curtains, some "contac" paper for the shelves and days of cleaning and scrubbing will have the place liveable in no time.

We were thinking about making a move ourselves, but this came up, then that came up. So, we'll probably stick it out for another year...or two. I suspect the real estate brokers will be able to accommodate our needs no matter when we decide to pack up our Conestoga wagon & head for the hills.