Friday, August 19, 2005

Gas prices in the eastern USA could go up to three dollars a gallon by Labor Day. Remember the good old days when we'd complain about prices being only half that amount?

(Wait a minute. That was only last summer!!!)


Judy said...

Just spoke to my daughter in England; she is paying 91 pence per liter. That works out to about $6.50 per gallon. We are not the only ones having to make major budget changes. It's the law of supply and demand: the supply is the same but the demand (especially from China) is skyrocketing.

Jack said...

I watched a news report on TV the other evening concering diesel autos that were modified to run on used cooking oil. That's right COOKING oil, as in the stuff that's discarded daily by McDonald's, Burger King, and thousands of other restaurants daily across our nation.

Just imagine if we could convert all our cars to run on cooking oil. Employ the logic here: we produce our own corn in the USA, can provide new jobs to farmers who'd probably have to work day 'n night to keep up with the demand for their "fuel" product, and at the same time we could effectively wean ourselves off our dependence on those robe-draped, terrorist-supporting Arabs.

But, then I roll over and am cognizant of a few words that are slowly escaping me as I awaken from my sleep: Dream on, Jackie Boy.