Monday, August 22, 2005

You guys are pulling my leg, right?

"Starting this October, you will be able to get your tires, groceries, and hour of worship all in the same place once Wal-mart Superstores begin offering non-denominational church services on Sundays and Wednesdays..."

(UPDATE: Apparently, this was intended as a parody. Nonetheless, "Susan" wrote in the comments section: "Ok, so when I was in Ireland in 1999 I was somewhat surprised to realize that the local supermarket/shopping center had in addition to a food court and cineplex, a small Catholic Church!" Hmmm...)

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Jack said...

All right, so I feel gullible, suseptible & naive this evening.

So, in an embarrassed, foot-shuffling mode while I'm glancing down at my feet, is this bit about Wal-Mart offering church services real or bogus?

And, before you ask, I DO have one of those tickets to buy a certain bridge located in good ol' NYC.