Monday, October 17, 2005

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A postcard from Toledo, Ohio.

That does it, I'm gonna start wearing fur again!!!

• Oh, and this one's priceless: a Catholic high school cancels its prom. The principal is handing responsibility to the parents. The clueless remarks of some of them pretty much say it all.


Jack said...

Concerning the H.S. that canceled its prom due to lavish, outrageous expenses and behaviors exhibited by attendees/parents...

Perhaps Hoagland acted rashly? Maybe he didn't have his facts straight? Consider the following before casting judgement on that isolated incident:

* Advertising for Christmas starts in some stores in September
* House decorations to celebrate Christ's birthday can become very competitive between neighbors
* Extravagent Halloween costumes are rewarded in schools
* my bride witnessed a girl around 5 years old having a manicure and perdicure over the weekend
* Bill Cosby's comments on certain people spending inordinate amounts of cash on clothing when other priorities are more important
* Sweet sixteen parties can cost thousands of dollars
* Corporate CEOs rip off employees & shareholders to the tine of millions of dollars
* millions, no billions are spent on our pets, including an implant that makes a "fixed" male dog look like he's still got 'em

Ad nauseum

David L Alexander said...


I don't think so. The school principal may not have control over the culture of excess everywhere else, but he has a voice in one corner of the world, and he has the guts to use it.

Now if only the parents listen. Judging from the response in the story, I doubt it.

Jack said...

Ah! The beauty of the English language escaped me when I wrote that perhaps Hoagland acted "rashly." That was meant as a tongue-in-cheek" poke at those who might otherwise think his actions were without merit.

If likened to a football game, the score would be Hoagland: 45, Parents-Who-Just-Don't-Get-It: 0.