Thursday, October 06, 2005

"Droll" Revisited

The other day, I complained about certain comments left on my posts that were completely unrelated to my site or to my subject matter, essentially spamming. I got a reply from someone identified as "Mesotheliomata Attorney." It starts out: "I was just browsing through a few blogs... I know our sites are not exactly related, but I figured I'd leave a comment to express my appreciation for the great content you got on your blog, and I'd like to extent my personal invitation for you to visit my site..."

Uh-huh. Only thing is, he buried his comment in a post from at least a few weeks ago so I can't find it, which is one of the very things about which I complained. He could have also e-mailed me directly to explain himself, but he had to get in one more shot.

And with that, he thinks I'm going to appreciate his position.

I'm starting to get some good commentary from people on some of my posts, especially concerning the current state of Catholic worship, which is a subject dear to me. I intend to encourage more of that in the near future.

As to the yahoos who insist on taking advantage of this forum to sell something which you know damn well by now I don't want -- if you enjoy being humiliated, keep it up. You're pissing me off.


Anonymous said...

Its automated comment spam. Try turning on "word verification" for your comments:

David L Alexander said...

Done. No offense, but how do I block anonymous posters?