Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Chair of Saint Peter

I mentioned today's Feast earlier. I was doing my routine blogroll during lunch, when I came across this stunning photograph taken by Father John Zuhlsdorf, of the great high altar at the Basilica of St Peter's in Rome. Just looking at it, you can almost imagine being there, bearing witness to this magnificent splendor ad majorem Dei gloriam. Click on it to see more, along with the good Father's usual erudite commentary.

Meanwhile, a rumbling in the distance. Could this be...?

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Rich Leonardi said...

It's a stunning picture of a scene I hope to take in with my own eyes one day.

And I love Fr. Z's Italianate pronunciation of Latin. We listened to it tonight before reading from Amy Welborn's Saint book on Polycarp. (We read the next day's saint the night before.)