Thursday, January 10, 2008

Joy Behar Explains It All For You

(A continuation of our occasional "Catholics Are Stupid" series.)

I don't watch The View. I work for a living, and even when I'm home, the thought of a bunch of middle-aged harpies who have no idea what they're talking about, but go for the cheap laughs, is not nearly as edifying as a good book. Or for that matter, a cheap novel. At least a cheap novel has something to follow.

But once you understand how a talk show figure like Oprah Winfrey can wield considerable influence on an election campaign -- as at least one Senator from Illinois can attest -- it's not much of a stretch to hear Joy Behar describe how the Church investigates and canonizes saints, and why there aren't as many anymore. Someone forgot to tell her that the late John Paul II canonized a record number, and that saints are judged more for a life of "heroic virtue" than whether or not they forgot to take their Thorazine.

One can wonder how many of the early Christians would sacrifice themselves to being thrown to the lions, to win this sort of approval. Not to mention how many people in America base their most important convictions -- about politics, social welfare, God Himself -- on what a television personality tells them.

Which was the more primitive society? Discuss.

(Or, you could have Father Jonathan Morris explain it all for you, although personally I think the Padre is letting her off a little too easy.)

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