Monday, October 06, 2008

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• My recent post on "The View From Ohio" has been updated to include a few more attempts with my cell phone camera, as well as a few observations on home and the changing landscape. It can be found by scrolling down a bit, or by clicking here.

• Another recent item got a good fat insult in the comments box, from some loser named "Anonymous." Of course, if I had a name like that, I couldn't live with myself. I'd have to be buried with a headstone that said "Anonymous," and no one would bring me flowers, which would be really depressing, as if being dead wasn't bad enough. Look, people, if you don't have the stones to put your real name behind something meant to get under someone else's skin (even when you fail), you're already a bonehead for that reason alone. Why don't you start a blog called "David Alexander Is An Arrogant Son Of A B****," and see what happens? It might get more comments than this one. I might even offer to write for it.

• I don't know why they call her "The Anchoress." She's an outstanding writer, but the persona of living in a cell with no windows except for seeing the Blessed Sacrament exposed in the chapel next door, does not befit a world-weary, politically astute woman who is the Catholic blogosphere's reigning expert on a cartoon show called "South Park." If you can ignore that dilemma, you won't be disappointed, as she gives John McCain a "Hail Mary pass" strategy to go for the end zone in the upcoming election. [THIS JUST IN: Looks like The Maverick is taking the bait.]

• I made a big mistake when I registered to vote. I hadn't given them my "new" address from three years ago, and had a chance to rectify that situation in front of a grocery store last month. I didn't think twice about the fact that it was run by Obama volunteers, until I started getting calls from them on my cell phone. Should have given them my land line; that one's voice mail isn't set up right, and they'd be scared off. But it's individual lackeys, not a headquarters that's doing it. So I'm thinking, should I be polite to these people, or should I mess with their heads and talk about how Obama's gonna kill every unborn baby he can get his hands on? It's just a thought.

• And speaking of the Messiah, remember that piece I wrote last week on his branding strategy? Well, I'm not alone in noticing some rather eerie parallels. We'll be showing some of them later in the week.

That's all the news for now. Naturally, I'm behind in all my writing, in everything. Being a renaissance man with a recently-verified genius IQ is no picnic; it's a full-time job. Oy vey...

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Dad29 said...

Frankly, I found Ms. Scalia's blog to be un-interesting. That was a few years ago...

...and nothing's changed.