Friday, October 31, 2008


At a recent "Talk the Vote" rally in Minnesota, Dennis Prager gave a very well-received talk about the current political scene. Such testimonials are at their best, not so much when they tell an audience what to think, but how. In this clip, Prager spends a few minutes reminding us of how words carry a precise meaning, and the inherent dangers in creating disorder through the manipulation of words.

"I don't want America changed. It's a dangerous word. I plead guilty to conservatives' fear of change. That is absolutely correct. You tell me where a good society has changed, and become -- "gooder." No, they don't... I don't want change; I want improvement. That's a very big difference..."

Beneath much of the clamor over a need for "change," is a challenge to the very notion of what it means to be America. This is not so much about one party being better than another, as it is about the very idea of deconstructivism, as a means of reforming an orderly society. We do not rest easy in our beds at night when there is rioting in the streets. The only people who benefit from such anarchy, are the anarchists themselves.

Something to think about before we get what we ask for.

(h/t to Ed Morrissey of Hot Air.)

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