Thursday, October 16, 2008

Joe the Plumber: The Rest of the @#$%ing Story

Gateway Pundit reports on how the forces of Obamapalooza are out to stick it to Joe. He thought he could just appear on camera a few times and then fade into the American woodwork. But tonight, even ABC News is reporting that Joe doesn't have a license to be a plumber. What Charles Gibson and his crackerjack team in the newsroom failed to mention, is that in Ohio, a license is only required for commercial work, not residential. (See Article 4740 of the Ohio State Code.)

[THIS JUST IN: Okay, so Joe has a tax lien against him of less than $1200. Whether it's the result of fraudulent intent (unlikely), or simply bad accounting (much more likely), he's in good company, namely with the treasurer for Obama's campaign, who should be better equipped to avoid bad accounting. Probably.]


Jay Anderson said...

Funny. The mainstream media has decided that it's important for us to learn more about Joe the Plumber over the last 24 hours (not to mention Sarah Palin over the last month-and-a-half) than they've deemed it's necessary for us to learn about Barack Obama over the last 2 years he's been running for President.

Remind me again which one of the 3 is this close to becoming President of the United States?

David L Alexander said...

Jay, did you read the statute? If he doesn't need a license, why is the city building inspector's office getting on his case for it? Click here.

Jay Anderson said...

Yes, I know. Part of Obama's "Truth" Squad, I'm sure.

And now the AP is reporting that Joe has a tax lien against him. Why does this need to be reported about a private citizen? But heaven forbid someone do a little investigative digging into the past associations and involvement with Ayers and Acorn of the man who is seeking to become leader of the free world.

And why is Joe being savaged by the media? Because he asked a legitimate question about Obama's tax policy - again, about a POLICY MATTER, we're now going to drag this man through the mud?

Apparently, the media has only one commandment that it now follows: "Thou shalt not question The One".

Get used to it if Obama is elected. This is a preview of the next 4-8 years.