Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain’s Best Argument

...may come from the unlikeliest of places, from someone who really isn't crazy about him at all, and doesn't mind admitting it.

Quin Hillyer of The American Spectator writes: "This is an intellectual exercise, not an endorsement." Fortunately, it's so well done, we'll take it anyway. After all, part of making a wise choice for high office, is to put aside your own personal prejudices, decide not to care whether it's the chic new-age yogurt-eating Birkenstock-wearing thing to do -- and you know who you are, K.N. -- and look at who is simply better suited for the position. It's a lot like conducting a job interview. You wouldn't just fill a company you took over with all your friends, or people who agree with you on everything, would you?

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