Tuesday, October 14, 2008

We can’t tell you his middle name, but...

...I'm wondering what would happen, if Barack Obama were to be elected President, on the day of the Inauguration. When the judge begins to state the Oath for him to repeat, how would he react to "I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear..." Would his handlers clear an exemption from the use of his full name? Hey, it's his real name, and "Hussein" is supposed to be common in the Arab world, right? Is there a problem with a President with an Arab name? Well, "Obama" is an Arab name too, right? Or is it African? Whatever it is, it's definitely not Anglo-Saxon. But then again, it's not as much fun to use, not like that same name as a recently deposed leader. This is the kind of stuff that has me scratching my head even more than whether he takes his oath on the Qu'ran (which he won't). But today, Jonah Goldberg writes -- in the LA Times, no less -- of how The One is getting off easy in the public arena, and why...

Liberal Democrats have a long tradition of tarring opponents as the monolithic forces of hatred and prejudice while casting themselves as the enlightened proponents of peace, love and decency. And this election shows that tradition is alive and well.

You have to wonder what they would do, if they didn't have the mainstream press to help them pull it off.

(IMAGE: From the cartoon Day By Day, copyright 2008 by Chris Muir. Used without permission or shame.)

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