Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Clarke and Dave (???) Revisited

Yesterday I introduced a latter-day Abbott-and-Costello type of duo as "Clarke and Dave." I tried researching them, and could only come up with Dave Clarke and the Dave Clarke Five. They were a band from North London that made it reasonably big in 1964, the so-called second wave of the "British invasion."

But never mind them. The guys to whom I was referring are, in fact, “Clarke and Dawe” most recently of the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC, the other one).

John Clarke, a New Zealand native, is a writer and satirist well-known on Australian television. In 1989, he began a collaboration with fellow-satirist Bryan Dawe. Clarke would take on the role of a politician or other public figure, who would be interviewed by Bryan. Clarke made no attempt to mimic or impersonate the public figure portrayed, while Bryan would lead with questions at a rapid pace. The most famous of those interviews over the years, remains the 1991 classic “The Front Fell Off” about an offshore oil spill. (To watch the subject of that interview, click here.

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