Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father’s Day 2010

I managed to save the text of a poem that Paul wrote for me in honor of Father's Day. It would have been around 1995, by which time he was almost ten years old, and his precociousness had found its way to pen and paper. Fifteen years later, the kid still cracks me up.

I met a man,
A queer old guy
His name was Mr Star Trek.
I said, "What's that thing on your turtleneck?"

"It's a starfleet communicator," the man replied.
"What did you think it was?"
I decided to say something later.

"Where are you from?"
I asked the old man.
He said, "Why, the 23rd-24th century."
I think he was happy
By his new world discovery.

What I asked him
Those queer questions,
And did what I wanted to do,
The things that he said,
He should be on meds (medicine).
Dad, he reminded me of you.

I believe it was Friedrich Nietzsche who said: “What was silent in the father speaks in the son, and often I found in the son the unveiled secret of the father.” There's a message there somewhere.


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