Friday, June 11, 2010

UC Remembers 1970

Earlier this year, the Nation remembered the campus protests of forty years earlier, in particular the shootings at Kent State and Jackson State, in the wake of President Nixon's decision to invade Cambodia. It was forty years ago this past month, that protests at the University of Cincinnati interrupted the normal academic routine, to the point where President Walter Langsam ordered the University closed for the remainder of the term. This included the evacuation of the dormitories. As a result, hundreds of students were forced to leave town and miss their graduation ceremony.

Tonight, just forty years later, members of the Class of 1970 are participating in commencement exercises, courtesy of the UC Alumni Association.

Go Bearcats!

(Video production and editing by Walter Nini, UC Electronic Media. Directed by John Bach and Amanda Chalifoux, UC Magazine.)

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