Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Tea Time: Welcome to the Next Level

This year's elections were a means of sending a message; as badly as the Republicans screwed up over an eight-year period (which includes doubling the federal deficit; that's the short explanation), the Democrats were even worse (which includes more than doubling the federal deficit, and still blaming George Bush nearly two years later for everything). The takeover of the House of Representatives by the Grand Old Party (GOP), as the presumptive Speaker-designate of the House John Boehner has pointed out, is “not a time for celebration,” but is joined by a reminder, that they'd better have something to show for their victory in short order.

You may remember how we said that the Tea Party wannabes among the Republican leadership on the Hill weren't able to give us the lowdown on what they would cut? Two words: NO. GUTS. After all, our situation didn't start with this administration. The idea of reform as being all-talk-and-no-walk was already a bad habit. Well, a conservative think tank known as The Cato Institute came to the rescue, as a full page advertisement appeared today in the Washington Examiner.

Now, that previous sentence contains a link to the PDF file of the ad (the one that looks like the image on the left). They did a bank-up job coming up with things, and it's worth looking at. Here are the highlights, showing how much could be saved annually:

Education Subsidies: $40 billion

Farm Subsidies: $25 billion

Military Outreach: $100 billion
    (in addition to $125 billion next year alone)

Transportation Programs: $85 billion

Housing Subsidies: $45 billion

Federal Workers Pay: $20 billion

Energy Subsidies: $20 billion

Government-run Health Care: $1 trillion
    (that's "trillion" with a "T")

Drug War: $15 billion

Social Security: $50 billion (by the year 2020)

Worth looking at, but strong medicine.

Reducing Federal workers' salaries would have collateral effects, not the least of which is getting young people to work for them. On the other hand, we're a bit overdue for a cleaning out of the old riff-raff (as long as it doesn't include me). Notice also how they take a swipe at the Department of Agriculture, especially farm subsidies. It so happens that we here at mwbh know some people in that line of work, and we'll be seeking out some input from them in the days ahead. (Like, when they're reading this ...)

Now, I know what else you're thinking: “Yo, Mister Black Hat Guy, you can’t just expect the rest of us to suffer while you still get overpaid.” Ah, my dear minions, how quickly we forget our little lesson of the whole story behind Federal pay. Besides, take heart. I pay into Social Security as well. Still think Grandma can play the stock market with her retirement? And how about those other entitlement programs, and Defense contracts? Say goodbye to those, too, Gracie.

Do not worry, gentle reader. If they really want to bite the bullet, I'll be right there in the trenches with you, as the number of foreclosures in the DC area go through the roof within a year.

And let's not forget the free e-book. (Hey, maybe I can read this one on my phone, too -- while I can still afford it.)

Of course, the Democrats still hold the Senate, although not by as much as before. They've got to be just a little on the defensive on that end of the Hill, don't you think?

Or don't you?

[IMAGES: Cartoon scenes copyright 2010 by Chris Muir. Used without permission or shame.]

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