Monday, May 30, 2011

Honor Flight

Until the 1998 movie Saving Private Ryan, we heard very little from veterans of World War II about what really happened to them. Of course, I heard quite a few war stories from the guy who hired me to come to Washington in 1980. But for most GIs, the catharsis was something to avoid. Then came the movie. Then came a miniseries on cable, then more documentaries with old soldiers opening up, and sobbing over lost buddies, as if it happened yesterday. Recently, the last veteran of "the war to end all wars" passed away. Now those who fought in "the last good war" are right behind them.

But not before one final chance at paying tribute.

For this Memorial Day, I watched the 1970 movie Patton on DVD, as well as the extra documentary features that came with the set. To each his own.

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Thanks for respecting the intention of the day.