Monday, November 14, 2011

In Praise of Saint Philip

Today is the Feast of Saint Philip the Apostle in the liturgical calendar of Eastern Orthodox Christianity, as well as the Byzantine Catholic Church. It also marks the forty-day season of penance in anticipation of the Birth of Christ, known as Saint Philip’s Fast, or Filipovka. Many Eastern Christians will at least abstain from meat (simple abstinence) for the duration of the Fast, while truly devout ones will also abstain from dairy products, which traditionally includes eggs (strict abstinence).

And you thought giving up meat on Fridays and Ember Days got you enough brownie points. Hah!

Meanwhile, here at mwbh, we want to get a jump on our usual schedule with today's feast, and introduce you to some Christmas customs a little early, like the little production you see in the video clip, just right for that school Christmas pageant. The script to a similar version can be found courtesy of The Weston Mummers. Another common scenario is available from Popular rhymes and nursery tales: a sequel to the Nursery rhymes of England By James Orchard Halliwell-Phillips. (Our research continues as this is published.)

To those of you who are new to this venue, it is our own long-standing policy to crusade for a stop to all the b!†©#ing and moaning about people who start right after Halloween with the Christmas hoopla, all for one lousy stinking day. We have a more holistic approach, as you will see in the weeks ahead.

Here's a hint: Christ-Mass is supposed to last twelve days, and there's no one stopping you. So quit your damn belly-aching. Stay tuned ...

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