Friday, November 11, 2011

Roman Missal Revisited

Just a quick note to mwbh readers, concerning our weekly series on the new Roman Missal ...

You've probably noticed that when they are published on Sunday evening, they are not always finished, and generally are by Tuesday evening. Well, this last installment, on the Consecration of the Roman Mass, was the longest, and was not completed until last night. We apologize for that. Many of what are identified as "Catholic blogs" are written by people whose full-time work is writing. This writer, as suggested in his tagline, has kept his day job. Further, the series on the new translation is the most ambitious in the nine-plus-year history of this weblog. As this is written, the next installment has already begun, devoted to the Communion of the Mass.

Much is being written in the secular press about preparations for this change to Catholic life. Many diocesan periodicals are doing articles about preparations in their locales. We hope to make some mention of them eventually.

In the meantime, stay tuned ...

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