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“ProLifeCon” Twitcast and Transcript

Today it begins, our third annual “Twitcast” joining pro-life bloggers from near and far, who all had the good sense to come in out of the rain, during the annual March for Life. (Click here for last year's transcript.) The following is the transcript of this year's event. Items were edited slightly for correction. Bracketed text is for clarity. Items listed in green entered the feed during our report, and were deemed germaine to the topic at hand.

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Transcript of Twitcast

We've got our coffee, we've got our pastries, here at the luxurious Family Research Council. What could go wrong? #prolifecon

And ... it begins. Tony Perkins heads the FRC, and leads the introduction, and offers comments "to set the stage for today." #prolifecon

54 million abortions in the USA since Roe v Wade. That's the entire population of the Pacific time zone. #prolifecon

Contemplating "moral outrage" over the wreck of the Costa Concordia, but none for the most vulnerable of human life. #prolifecon

Over 2000 crisis pregnancy centers are operating in the USA today, a step towards becoming a pro-life nation. But it's not over. #prolifecon

"We need to go beyond political promises, and call for practical solutions." #prolifecon

Jill Stanek is a registered nurse who exposed the phenomenon of babies being born in hospitals and left to die. She put her ... #prolifecon

... reputation on the line, and is now a formidable advocate, at and through speaking engagements. #prolifecon

Jill introduces Michael Clancy, the photographer of the "Hand of Hope" photo in 2000. #prolifecon

Media reaction, the hospital attempted to blow off the authenticity of the photo, that the image of a preborn child was staged. #prolifecon

The story with the photo first appeared in LIFE magazine. As to the baby, "Samuel is my hero." #prolifecon

Clancy was physically prevented from taking the photo, but it was too late, and now he has all rights to it. #prolifecon

Julie and Samuel Armas give the "other side of the story." Samuel [the preborn baby in the photo] is now twelve years old. #prolifecon

Samuel's mother describes his fetal surgery for spina bifida, and later saw the photo in USA Today. #prolifecon

"This happened so that God's glory could be fulfilled." #prolifecon

The fetus was at 21 weeks, and weighed at 15 ounces, when the photo was taken. #prolifecon

"Do the kids at school know it's you in the picture?" Eventually, some of them do, and ask questions about it. #prolifecon

"Mom, I'm on Wikipedia." #prolifecon

Dr Gerald Nadal is a prominent pro-life Catholic blogger, lives in NYC with his family. #prolifecon

There is an effort in hospitals to steadily promote what is essentially eugenics, to weed out "damaged" babies. #prolifecon

RT @TheMorningSpew: @EdMorrissey Ed have you seen this video? ABC airs prolife video and probably don't realize it.

"Science in the service of the pro-life movement" is the theme of Dr Nadal's blog. #prolifecon

"An aggressive effort in fetal eugenics." Some doctors will refuse to bring certain babies to term. #prolifecon

"I long for the days when it was about a woman's 'right to choose.' Lately they're not given a choice by doctors." #prolifecon

The encouragement of fetal eugenics is beginning as early as medical school. #prolifecon

Ryan Bomburger is Chief Creative Officer, The Radiance Foundation, will speak on abortion, adoption, and the black community. #prolifecon

Ryan has appeared at this event for ... well, this is the third one, so far as we know. #prolifecon
09:22 #prolifecon

Ryan was conceived by rape, was given over to adoption, is now married with children of his own. #prolifecon
09:23 #prolifecon

Of all abortions in America, an estimated 35% are African-American babies. #prolifecon

Alluding to Genesis 1:1, "the darkness is filling the void again." #prolifecon
09:30 has produced a number of pro-life videos to carry on the message. #prolifecon

"When God creates, it's intentional, it's revelational." #prolifecon

The theme of the presentation is "the DESIGN of messaging." Who are we trying to reach? #prolifecon

When God creates, it's transformational." #prolifecon
09:33 #prolifecon

Lila Rose is founder of LiveAction, and started infiltrating Planned Parenthood clinics with hidden video cameras at 15. #prolifecon

Now 23 years old, a recent graduate of UCLA #prolifecon

If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine the power of video. #prolifecon

After doing multimedia presentations at churches and elsewhere, she discovered YouTube, and saw an opportunity. #prolifecon

The power of visual media is what made Ms Rose aware of the horrors of abortion. The clinics "hide the reality of abortion." #prolifecon

"Over a fourth of our children are being killed through abortion." #prolifecon

Ms Rose began going undercover through videocams and phone calls for four and a half years, AND exposing them to the world. #prolifecon

Exposure includes concealment of statutory rape against young girls by Planned Parenthood. #prolifecon
09:47 #prolifecon

CBS and CNN have begun (finally!) to cover the work of LiveAction. #prolifecon

INTERMISSION: Returning at 10:00 am eastern USA time. #prolifecon

Jill: Archived screen of video feed is available after the event at #prolifecon

Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ) is a "pro-life hero" on the Hill. Has been active in fighting sex trafficking around the world. #prolifecon

Smith has been in Congress for 31 years. #prolifecon

Henry Reid used to be prolife, before moving to the Senate. Still now there is "the most pro-life Congress ever." #prolifecon

Congressman Smith's presentation goes into considerable detail on pro-life-related legislation. More is [likely to be] found at his website. #prolifecon

That website: #prolifecon

The Obama administration is clearly working with Planned Parenthood, through the various government agencies. #prolifecon

Nurses are being forced to participate in abortions. They are often unaware of any "conscience clause." #prolifecon

Congresswoman Vicki Hartzler (R-MO) is the next speaker, one of the recent "Tea Party" candidates -- the "fighting freshmen."#prolifecon

Large pro-life "freshman" class in Congress, and a growing number of pro-life women on the Hill. #prolifecon

Hartzler grew up on a farm, discovered the nature of preborn as human life watching a presentation in high school home ec class. #prolifecon

Discovered the truth behind Planned Parenthood, that they're "all about money, and they don't deserve a dime of our money." #prolifecon

Most "tea party" sympathy is focused on the funding issues alone, although a noticeable pro-life sentiment. #prolifecon

Collin Raye is a country music recording artist, with a personal story to tell. #prolifecon

Raye has produced an inspirational CD: "His Love Remains." #prolifecon

Raye elaborates on the growing and dangerous trend toward euthanasia, as a "compassionate" solution. #prolifecon

Raye describes a granddaughter who was in a coma, but who is now alive and well. #prolifecon

only hundreds? RT @NROcorner: Candidates Celebrate March for Life: hundreds of pro-lifers gather in D.C. for the Mar...

Kristan Hawkins is Executive Director of Students for Life of America #prolifecon

Since Roe v Wade, the gap between "pro-choice" and "pro-life" in this country is narrowing, 49 to 45 percent respectively. #prolifecon

"Don't be afraid about abolishing abortion. I'm putting myself out of a job." #prolifecon
11:10 #prolifecon

Karen Snuffer is Executive Director of the CareNet Pregnancy Resource Centers: Manassas, Woodbridge, and Warrenton. #prolifecon

CareNet works not only with churches, but with adoption and social service agencies, as well as legal services. #prolifecon

Tom McClusky is Senior Vice President of FRC Action, a spokesman for life issues on the Hill. #prolifecon #prolifecon

We're "rounding third and headed for home" with the #prolifecon event and "twitcast." Transcript later today ...

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We here at mwbh want to thank the Family Research Council for providing this event yet again this year, and for the support they give us, to make it possible to send you coverage via Twitter. We also want to thank the many of you who retweeted our messages out in the cybersphere, bringing seven new followers to our Twitter feed.

This writer also had the pleasure of meeting with Nashville recording artist Collin Raye, and had a chance to speak with him briefly, about his current undertakings, and the challenge of being his own man in an increasingly secularized musical genre. In the face of it all, he's had 30 singles in the country music charts between 1991 and 2007, four of which have reached number one.

Not too shabby.

There were photos taken with Collin (better than the one above, taken with a cameraphone), and we will publish them here as soon as they are available. Meanwhile, we've got more pro-life coverage in the days ahead. Stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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