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“ProLifeCon” Twitcast and Transcript

Time once again for our report on the premier gathering of the Nation's Pro-Life online activists, just like the sign says. (Click here for last year's transcript).

What follows is the transcript of Twitter messages for this year's ProLifeCon, being held in conjunction with the annual March For Life here in Washington, DC. These messages may be followed in real time at, or you can wait for the transcript to appear here later in the day. As to the latter, corrections have been made to compensate for misspelling and other errors in delivery.

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Transcript of Twitcast

Welcome to the annual "ProLifeCon" in Washington DC. Our "twitcast" will begin at 8:30 local time. It will run until 11:30 or so. We'll ...
08:29 am

... provide highlights of the day's events. You may also catch the live webcast at
08:26 am

Jill Stanek welcomes everyone to the event.
08:31 am

Psalm 144:1: "Thank the LORD who has trained me to do battle ..." and who has trained us with wisdom and fortitude.
08:32 am

NARAL attempted to launch a "Blog For Choice" day on Twitter. Prolifers took over the conversation. NARAL changed the hashtag by mid-morn.
08:34 am

Abby Johnson, author of "Unplanned," an account of a PP worker who converted to Christ and the prolife cause, on account of what she saw.
08:35 am

Abby's blog was voted number one prolife blog. She worked for Planned Parenthood for 8 years. "God works in mysterious ways."
08:36 am

Do young people think that God is boring, or is it we who are boring? We are constantly ...
08:38 am

... connected [through the new media]. But it is here in the prolife movement that we can avail ourselves of that.
08:38 am

Pro-abortion groups have been very good at studying prolifers and the prolife movement for years. Many of us fail to "know our opposition."
08:39 am

NARAL and PP produce lots of information that can be used to prolifers' advantage. Check the consent forms, the fine print no one reads.
08:40 am

Many who visit clinics for terminating pregnancies do not know this information until they get to the clinic, where they are then coerced.
08:41 am

"Unplanned" is a book that uses Planned Parenthood's own words against them. They know abortion is dangerous, and don't like to stress that.
08:42 am

"Prolifers dominate the social media world. Put the truth about PP out there so it can go viral, so it can go public."
08:43 am

"Planned Parenthood is at their worst when they are REactive, so we have to be PROactive.
08:44 am

"Unplanned" is on Amazon's top 500 list. People want to know the truth. (Not too shabby.)
08:46 am

The abortion industry is willing to lose money on "family planning" to gain on walk-in traffic for abortion services.
08:47 am

54 percent of women's contraceptives fail. Contrary to their PR, PP does NOT want abortion to be "rare."
08:49 am

Lila Rose heads "Live Action," an activist group for young people, and has infiltrated clinics posing as a girl using their services.
08:51 am

Lila Rose is spreading the truth about the abortion industry as exploitative and racist.
08:52 am

One-third of PP's funding is from federal and state tax dollars.
08:54 am

We should develop our messages around Facebook, YouTube, other forms of social media. Lila has taken hidden cameras into clinics ...
08:56 am

... exposing medical misinformation on medical risks, coercion towards abortion, targeting blacks especially. "We got it all on tape."
08:57 am

PP is afraid of this. Social media bypasses the mainstream media, with its pro-abortion bias, and reaches the people directly.
08:59 am

There is a need to be aware and informed about such news sources as, to be familiar at how to reach our audience.
09:00 am

Q & A: The suit against Lila Rose by PP was eventually dropped, as they feared the appearance of a coverup would reflect poorly on them.
09:05 am

Panel: Taking the Pro-Life Message to Urban Audiences Online: Dean Nelson (Care Net) & Ryan Scott Bomberger (The Radiance Foundation)
09:09 am

The prolife movement is mainly seen as a "right-wing-republican" movement. there are those who work with crisis pregnancies among blacks.
09:12 am

Urban audiences trust African-American messengers more, so the need for leaders and outreach from within that community is crucial.
09:12 am

"While most African-Americans are prolife, there is the perception that the numbers for their abortions are smaller than they really are.
09:14 am

Ryan Scott Bomberger has founded the Radiance Foundation, advocating adoption over abortion. A video was presented about their work.
09:15 am

PP's lie is that "unintended" means "unwanted," therefore "unloved."
09:17 am

Ryan Scott was born as the result of a rape. His being adopted gave him the chance. Obama ...
09:18 am

... should have been the "poster boy" for the same situation. Blacks have long been targeted for racial eugenics.
09:19 am

(Other messages related to this event can be found through this hashtag: #prolifecon.)
09:21 am

(The live webcast of ProLifeCon continues at:
09:23 am

Michael J New, PhD is the next speaker. He has researched the misinformation about abortion statistics in the mainstream media.
09:27 am

The media is quick to report that abortions are up in a given year, but not so quick when the numbers are down.
09:30 am

ObamaCare must be repealed, as it will provide for abortion services.
09:33 am

Congressman James Lankford (R-OK) was one of 12 House members who got on the floor to commemorate the anniversary of Roe v Wade.
09:37 am

Lankford is giving us a quick update on new developments in the House, a shift in opinion, and many new outspoken prolife faces.
09:39 am

There is an issue among pro-abortion advocates about control. "You can't tell me what to do," et cetera.
09:39 am

The group that favors abortion for the sake of convenience. "We like disposable this and that." Then there is the trend toward recycling.
09:41 am

"If a water bottle should be preserved (for recycling), what about a child?"
09:41 am

"We should reduce the number of abortions." But if it's just human tissue, why, unless you know it's inherently wrong.
09:42 am

Proverbs 24:11-12.
09:42 am

"Why would we have federally-funded abortions in light of the rising national debt?"
09:44 am

We are slowly moving beyond "partial-birth" abortions, and have had one publicized case of "full-term" abortions.
09:46 am

(Mid-morning break. Smoke 'em if you got 'em.) #prolifecon
09:51 am

The proceedings at ProLifeCon continue, with Terrence McKeegan (C-FAM).
10:12 am

C-FAM is the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute. Terrence is talking about the significance audience potential with Facebook.
10:15 am

Set up your Facebook link from your website so that people can select "like" and you'll be included on their news feed.
10:16 am

Prolife activists and organizations should make blogging a priority, the more writers the better, for more fresh content.
10:18 am
10:18 am

FCProLife (Fort Collins ProLife) is an example presented of a Twitter account devoted to prolife issues.
10:21 am

C-FAM tracks social media traffic from the UN and related organizations.
10:26 am

The more "traditional" media (email, etc) still drives most new media.
10:27 am

Tony Perkins, president of Family Research Council (hosting the event) speaking from Los Angeles via Skype.
10:28 am

Social conservatives are making inroads among fiscal conservatives. Who knew?
10:38 am

Kristan Hawkins, executive director of Students for Life, is the next speaker.
10:39 am

National prolife youth rally is on the Capitol lawn from 2 to 5 this afternoon. Meet at the Lower Senate Park.
10:42 am

Talking about Saul Alinsky and the use and abuse of power, how this applies to the current setting.
10:43 am

One video on YouTube has had the power to start an organization. Such is the power of social media.
10:44 am

Girls looking for help with "crisis pregnancies" will go to the internet, find a video of an ultrasound, and a life can be saved.
10:46 am

Students for Life goes to Facebook to target student prolife leaders on college campuses to mobilize them.
10:47 am
10:48 am provides news on prolife events, info on the truth about abortion, and numerous Twitter feeds.
10:51 am

Jeanne Monahan of FRC will be discussing the recent "Philadelphia massacre," where babies just born were killed as if thru partial-birth.
10:55 am

Notes were provided at the conference with quotes from the grand jury report on the incident.
10:56 am

The clinic was in a poor neighborhood. white patients were treated more safely than non-whites.
10:57 am

The doctor showed up in the evening. Non-medical personnel were treating patients during the day.
10:58 am

The women gave birth to live babies, which had their spines crushed, or stabbed in the head with scissors.
10:59 am

Unsanitary equipment spread STDs. Complications were not met with calling for an ambulance. The doors would often be blocked to stop calls.
11:00 am

Much of the information provided here about Gosnell's clinic is very graphic, and horrible to contemplate.
11:01 am

Fetal remains (feet, etc) dating to 1980 found in jars in the freezer during police raid. Pro-aborts reply: "This is not about abortion."
11:03 am

"Planned Parenthood is shooting themselves in the foot, with the way women are being treated. This is the word we need to get out."
11:07 am

Philadelphia is not an isolated incident. This has been going on in other cities for years.
11:08 am

Congressman Steve Scalise (R-LA) is the next speaker, Assistant Majority Whip in the House. House Energy and (Health?) Committee.
11:11 am

Many Democrats in the Senate come from states where the majority of voters are prolife.
11:17 am

Is abortion an unjust law? Yes, but we are a nation under the law, and the law can be changed.
11:25 am

David Bereit of "40 Days for Life." Has mobilized over 400K people in several hundred USA cities.
11:26 am

40DFL focuses on ending abortion thru prayer vigils for 40 days in front of clinics twice a year.
11:27 am

Bereit is providing a primer on the use of forms of social media to send out messaging. To that end, he's talking very fast.
11:29 am

"Technologies ae many, principles are few. Technologies always change, principles never do."
11:30 am

The first of three steps is to ATTRACT. We must bring other people in, for the next step ...
11:32 am

We must CONNECT, build relationships around a common effort so that we can ...
11:33 am

DIRECT, move towards a common action, which in turn continues to .... ATTRACT.
11:33 am

ATTRACT: If it's worthwhile enough, people will be drawn to it. They want to get on a train moving somewhere.
11:35 am

CONNECT: Communicate effectively. Does it reach them? Make the adjustment, make it interactive.
11:37 am

DIRECT: Give people things to do, even if just a few. Start small, help them see the big picture.
11:38 am

EXAMPLE: Abby Johnson's book "Unplanned." She was converted thru a 40DLF prayer vigil. Book promoted around this.
11:39 am

We're wrapping it up here. Our twitcast is at an end. Visit later today for a transcript. #prolifecon
11:41 am

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It was a very active news day today, and the actual anniversary of Roe v Wade was last Saturday. So it was even less surprising that the major news network took little if any notice of the largest annual public rally in the Nation's capital (if you don't count the Fourth of July). Closer to home, we would like to thank the numerous new followers we now have as a result of today's twitcast. It was enough to put the followers' count above two hundred, and we welcome them all to this page. There is more where the above came from, on prolife issues, among other topics.

So, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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