Sunday, March 25, 2012

“Mad Men” Is (Are?) Returning

The four-time Emmy winning chain-smoker about life on Madison Avenue in the 1960s is back. But does the on-screen sexism, drinking, and smoking capture the office culture of the early part of that decade? According to a Newsweek secretary-turned-correspondent, it does. Here we see a glimpse of the musings of Eleanor Clift, as elaborated upon in a recent piece in The Daily Beast.

The mature themes of marital infidelity and latent moral depravity which are treated in this saga, do not make for family fare. It should even be viewed by adolescents only with parental guidance, as its authenticity is that much in need of careful navigation. And it begs the question: did the "summer of love" and subsequent liberation of sexual mores throughout the 1970s with a new generation, find its inspiration in the early 1960s with a previous generation?

The latest season of Mad Men premieres tomorrow night at 9:00 Eastern on AMC.

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