Friday, November 02, 2012

FAMW: The Politics of Animated GIFs

ahaha.gifGraphics Interchange Format, or GIF, is a universal image format that is popular for smaller animated images on the web, like the ever-popular image you have seen in this venue at one time or another, or this other one from Wikipedia of the earth turning. We use them here sometimes to convey and idea, or just to create a meaningless distraction.

But what of the influence of animated GIFs on the upcoming general election? (Yeah, we're gonna go there ...)

According to this guy on the PBS Idea Channel: "This election season, GIFs of Obama, Romney, Biden and Ryan, populated not only Tumblr and Buzzfeed, but also media heavyweights like The Atlantic, Forbes, and The Wall Street Journal. It became the perfect vehicle to capture a reaction, a gaffe or hilarious election moment and stream it ad infinitum. Will the Graphics Interchange Format swing the election for Obama or Romney? Probably not, but it's a pretty bold step for our pal the GIF!"

And just the thing for this week's Friday Afternoon Moment of Whimsy.

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