Monday, July 07, 2014

“I read the news today, oh boy …” (Post-Fireworks Edition)

We've been hearing a lot these days about the War On Wimmins. Now one of the wimmins is tired of hearing about it. That's wimmin for ya! Can't live with 'em, and they can't … uh, never mind.

Meanwhile, elsewhere on planet Earth:

"I say old boy, where do you hang out?" That's not a recent form of slang, but dates back to 1836 in Charles Dickens' The Pickwick Papers. OMG! (That's not new either. Did they have text messaging back then?) [The Guardian]

Speaking of increasing learning, science has discovered a remedy that everyone can live it. I don't know; I think I'm going to have to sleep on it. []

In Stevens Point, Wisconsin, a woman found new meaning to the excuse that "the dog ate my homework." [WAOW-TV]

Want to go into business with a friend? Here are five questions to ask yourself, before you make the best or worst decision of your life. [Forbes]

Finally, in beautiful Eau Claire, Michigan, they know the meaning of the old Midwestern expression, "spitting distance," and one family has a lock on it. [AP]

And that's all the news that fits. As the week goes on, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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