Monday, July 21, 2014

“I read the news today, oh boy …” (Stonewall Jackson Edition)

We have often highlighted the rapier wit and commentary of Jon Stewart in this Monday morning feature. We do the same today, except for watching Megyn Kelly rip it apart, as she lays bare the truth behind the Supreme Court decision on provision for contraceptive products in Hobby Lobby's employee health benefits plan. Watch for six minutes, and all shall be revealed!

Meanwhile, elsewhere on planet Earth:

The big story? Archie Andrews was shot dead last week while saving his gay best friend who was a senator calling for gun control. Exit question? Who gets to choose between Betty and Veronica now? [International Business Times]

A seven-year-old girl may indeed be "daddy's little princess," and every once in a while, somebody's daddy takes this to heart. In this case, he'd better have an army. [The Telegraph]

MSNBC lays yet another sizable egg, complete with the usual lambasting in the twittersphere. [Twitchy]

"I used to be a big supporter of the streetcar until I started riding it every day." Well, boo hoo! [Small Dead Animals]

He only wanted ten dollars for ingredients to make potato salad, but a 31-year-old Ohio man has amassed four thousand supporters, and at least fifty grand via Kickstarter. He could've just called my Mom. [Reuters]

In an unrelated story, authorities in New Mexico captured an inmate who was trying to break out of jail by hiding in ... [AP]

Finally, on this day in 1861, at the First Battle of Manassas (that's Bull Run, for you Yankees), the unrelenting vigor with which Confederate General Thomas Jonathan Jackson held his position inspired a general nearby to rally his troops with the cry: “There is Jackson standing like a stone wall.” The rebel forces carried the day. [National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution]

And that's all the news that fits. As the week goes on, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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