Friday, November 28, 2003

"It's beginning to look a lot like..."

...and wasting no time either. This is the day that retail workers know as "Black Friday." They are committed to a work schedule of twelve hours or more for today, and an increased number of hours from now until the end of the calendar year. One tells me that, after three years of working in a major department store, workers qualify for two weeks paid vacation. In return for their loyal service, their managers make life just a little more difficult for them. Eventually, those in charge would settle for an underpaid, underqualified, underinformed workforce.

What a bunch of pigs!!! Makes me glad I get most of my clothing at thrift stores. (Yes, even my suits.)

There are other views of this day as well, as found in the Seattle Post-Intelligencer...

"For the past decade, a group of countercultural 'burned-out lefties' have been trying to change that to 'Buy Nothing Day.' ...On a day known for holiday sales and shoppers jostling each other for the best bargains, the folks at Adbusters Media Foundation hope you'll tuck your wallet away and abstain..."

Gotta love those burned-out lefties, dontcha, Mark?

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