Tuesday, December 07, 2004

If November has "All Saints Day," then December has...

...what I would call the distinction of being "All Saints Month." Some of our most colorful and celebrated saints are remembered in the few weeks before, and the one week after, the Birth of Christ.

So far, we've had St Francis Xavier (Dec 3), St John of Damascus (Dec 4), and St Nicholas (yesterday, you remember?).

Today, we remember Saint Ambrose, the fourth century bishop of Milan, Italy, one of the Fathers of the Western Church, and most of all, the guy who converted and baptized St Augustine, later Bishop of Hippo in northern Africa and author of his Confessions.

Today, Anglican blogger Taylor Marshall of Ecclesia Anglicana tells us of one Saint Simeon of Emesa (courtesy of "Don Jim" Tucker of Dappled Things):

"On the one hand he runs around naked, relieves himself in public, lives in the streets, washes in a women's bathhouse, and keeps the company of prostitutes. On the other hand, he performs miracles, acts as an exorcist, and exhibits the gifts of clairvoyance and prophecy. He continues to be an ascetic but is unwilling to let others know about his vocation."

Wow. And to think we've got at least three weeks to go. Stay tuned...

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