Friday, December 31, 2004

"Should auld acquaintance be forgot..."

I suppose I should close out the year somehow.

First, ABC News has named "bloggers" as the "People of the Year." To all you out there in the blogosphere, thanks for all the hard work, guys. (Hey, this must have been my proverbial "fifteen minutes of fame," eh?)

Now, for all you who are just getting back from vacation, and who have already heard of the tsunami disaster in Asia, here's where the ability to help is only a credit card away:

American Red Cross: International Response Fund

Oxfam: Asia Earthquake Fund

Sarvodaya (based in Sri Lanka)

And if anyone is out there with expertise in water/sanitation or shelter/reconstruction, and has some time on their hands, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is looking for you. Of course, if you can only be there in spirit, you can donate here.

(to be continued...)

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