Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Spring Cleaning

There are a couple of changes here at MWBH. To the right of the postings, below "The Usual Suspects," some of you have already noticed the listing of daily Mass readings and reflections from the reformed Roman calendar, provided courtesy of CatholicContent.com.

Also, as a result of anonymous posters who are oblivious to their proper place in the Universe (and you know who you are, bucko!), all anonymous posts are now moderated in advance. If you cannot act as a proper guest at my weblog, and still refuse to identify yourself, you probably don't have anything worth saying.

Some weblogs (including those at St Blog's) are known to permanently ban posters for a lot less than I endured yesterday.

Now, let's all play nice and I won't have to kick anybody's @$$.

[UPDATE: In response to questions I've been getting: It is not unheard of for weblog authors either to moderate comments, or to place restrictions on anonymous posts. I am pleased that responses are on the rise in the past year, so additional measures are to be expected. I do not reject comments on the basis of disagreement. I do reject comments that attack me personally, whatever the reason.]

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