Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Still Gathering No Moss After All These Years

Robert Zimmerman, better known as Bob Dylan, turned 65 today. He was born in Duluth, Minnesota, and from the age of six, grew up in the small nearby town of Hibbing. The Free Dictionary gives an account of his life and work here.

Recently I acquired a DVD of the Martin Scorsese documentary No Direction Home, which was the subject of a post I wrote last fall entitled "My Direction Home." After seeing the program on public television, I was impressed by the depth of the old footage and interviews with friends and associates, talking about a man who was, for all that was made of him, quite unassuming.

Starting this month, Dylan will be hosting a show on XM Radio. "Every week, with music hand-selected from his personal collection, Bob Dylan... weaves his own brand of radio with themes, dreams and schemes."

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iClaudius said...

I just finished Dylan's autobiography, Chronicles, Volume One. It was nice to have my opinion re-affirmed by the man himself that he was not really that interested in being "the voice of his generation". I suspect, though, that he is purposely putting us on when he says that his favorite politician was Barry Goldwater.