Monday, November 27, 2006

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I couldn't resist that one. Sorry.

Speaking of "the little Greek Catholic church that time forgot, and the decades need not improve," I met one of my parishioners yesterday. Stephen Braunlich has launched a coalition of Catholic bloggers from The Old Dominion known as the "Virginia Catholic Alliance." Since they have a reciprocal link arrangement, I am obliged to include them in the sidebar near the bottom. Like me, Stephen is an Eagle Scout. Unlike me, Stephen is a veteran of the staff of Philmont Scout Ranch in New Mexico. It's a place I never got to visit as a boy, and so it's on the short list of things to do in semi-retirement. That way, I get to spend summers doing this:

Photo courtesy of Stephen Braunlich
Photo courtesy of Stephen Braunlich

I could do worse.


Der Tommissar said...

The ranch burned down last winter.

I don't know if they rebuilt, but I thought it was pretty bad IIRC>

ISeeRedPeople said...

No, the ranch did not burn down last winter. There were a couple of fires near there, but they did not affect Philmont Scout Ranch. My son has worked there the past 2 summers and the Ranch is running great.