Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Clichés on Cable News

I realize most of you have better things to do in the evenings, than flip through the entourage of 24/7 news channels, and the talking heads that fill them. Fortunately, Mark Halperin of TIME magazine has saved us the trouble, at least for the next two news cycles. In a column entitled "Halperin's Take," he gives you the list of twenty "things you will hear most often on cable TV through Wednesday (depending on what happens...)":

1. "She did what she had to do."
2. "She didn’t do what she had to do."
3. "John McCain is the big winner tonight."
4. "No matter what, Clinton can’t overtake Obama’s lead in elected delegates."
5. "There is no way the Democratic Party is going to take the nomination away from an African-American who is the winner of the elected delegate race."
6. "It was the fight over the gas tax that did it."
7. "This leaves us right where we were."
8. "Look at how he did with white, working-class voters in the exit poll."
9. "People are going to start telling her she needs to get out of this race."
10. "Once again, he missed a chance to put her away."
11. "Evan Bayh – he really worked it."
12. "She’s a fighter."
13. "He looks tired."
14. "No doubt about it, the Democratic Party is in chaos."
15. "Could there be a dream ticket?"
16. "This thing goes on and on."
17. "Unbelievable!"
18. "Reverend Wright really hurt him."
19. "Reverend Wright really had no effect."
20. "This is really about 2012."

Sometimes I put the TV on mute and just watch the "ticker tape" at the bottom. I know that was the thing in the aftermath of 9/11, when we couldn't get enough information, but now it's just something to glance at occasionally when I'm sipping a glass of Merlot and listening to Mozart on public radio.

We all have our ways to unwind, right?

(Image: istockphoto/various networks. Used without permission or shame.)

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