Thursday, May 15, 2008


We all loved it when Humphrey Bogart called some dame "sweetheart." If I eat at a diner in Baltimore, some waitress is invariably going to call me "hon" in passing, and I will get over it. In fact, every year, they have a "Honfest." Besides, I've been called much worse things than "hon." It's too bad the rest of the mainstream news media has already decided for us who the next President will be, sweetie. You'll have to learn to get over it as well.

[UPDATE: RedLasso provides a sequel, with the usual rapier commentary at Hot Air.]


Anonymous said...

You know how some priests like to say: "The Body of Christ, Fred ... the Body of Christ, Ethel ..."?

A nun I know returned from Mass at a suburban Washington parish not long ago. Since she was unknown to the priest ... "The Body of Christ, hon."

matthew archbold said...

hilarious. I love the attitude the reporter gave too. Too bad the media will completely ignore this.