Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Buddy, Can You Spare A Trillion?

If you want to know how much our national recovery (and America as a whole) is costing us, check near the bottom of our sidebar beginning today, because the meter is running. One click on the “national debt clock,” and you will be led to a site with what claims to have “the facts.” Some of it is a bit misleading, though. The whiz kids running this site blame President Hoover for getting us into the Great Depression, on the premise that a President is to blame for everything the Government does on his watch. This is simply not true, as Congress can be just as responsible. (They’re the Government, too, right? We keep putting them back into office for another term, right??? Duh...) In the case of the Depression, Hoover did what he could to stop it. But he was a Republican president facing a Democrat-controlled Congress, and they weren’t about to let him get past them. So FDR came afterwords, and got credit for a lot of Hoover’s ideas.

My daddy told me all about it when I was a young’un. He was there.

Meanwhile, these bozos (who were most likely NOT there) also maintain that “[m]ost Republicans would rather not see their country crushed by a depression just to prove an ideological point, even if it was correct.” Well, if their voting record in Congress shows this, they are no more likely to get elected than their opponents. Besides, real conservatives tend to conserve. That’s whey they call them “conservatives,” you big dummy!

FDR also got credit for getting us out of the Depression. He didn’t. WW2 did that. But he should get a lot of credit for introducing deficit spending into our way of life.

And now you get to watch it. Oh boy.

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