Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Bishops’ Bash in Baltimore (Oh Boy!)

I had lunch recently with a priest, a noted author and lecturer, from whom a number of American bishops have sought counsel over the years, including during the proceedings of the US Catholic Bishops Conference annual meeting, now going on in Baltimore this week. With the move of the location from Washington DC to Baltimore a few years ago, the costs of lodging and meals were cut considerably. But still, by our calculations, and adding the cost of transportation, travel, and other incidentals, the total bill comes to over two million dollars. And that's before the meeting is even called to order.

For a number of years, the proceedings were carried on EWTN. This year, the cable channel of the Diocese of Rockville Centre is providing free satellite feeds of the main portions of the meeting. As a major agenda item is approval of the revised English translation of the Missale Romanum (the ordinary form, or the reformed liturgy), the outcome of which is already a done deal as far as Rome is concerned. Yet the expert commentary is being provided by some so-called expert on liturgy, who is known to disagree with said outcome. (Yeah, it's a nun. Go figure.)

On the bright side, they're using Twitter.

I don't know why they even bothered showing up, which is why I won't bother following the meeting this year. Later this year, however, mwbh will provide a summary of the aforementioned translation revisions, including some of the complex terminology that some bishops think you riff-raff will have a problem understanding.

Words like "ineffable," "consubstantial," and my personal favorite, "dew."

UPDATE: WDTPRS writes: “A riveting report is being delivered by an expert from the John Jay College of Criminal Justice ... An increase in the number of homosexuals entering seminary in 70’s lead to an increase in abusers.” Hey, sometimes people surprise me, what can I tell ya?

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