Thursday, November 05, 2009

Guitar Workshop: Four Chords Revisited

Last week, we featured an amusing piece entitled Guitar Workshop: The Song Remains The Same. You remember that one, right?

There has been quite a reaction on the internet to the "four-chord medley" phenomenon. A young man named Jonathan, formerly identified as "Tea Junior" but now known as "JayDee" produced a medley of covers which is easy for the beginning guitarist to make his own. (You might check out the links in this paragraph to his YouTube channels, to see if he demonstrates certain "open" chords in his medley.)

We continue to find other examples, in this next case performed on the piano, by a guy who presumes the inability of his audience to count to four. After two or three examples you're saying, dude, I get it already, okay? If you click here, you can see the captions on YouTube showing you the various chord progressions. You also get to see Mister Happy Fingers insult your intelligence up close.

It's not unlike fingernails on a chalkboard. Try not to let that distract you though.

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