Friday, May 10, 2013

Day by Day

Chris Muir and I have at least one thing in common. We are both alumnae of the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, and Art, with him beginning his tenure as I was finishing mine. Shortly after premiering his political webcomic, Day by Day, in November of 2002, we had a brief correspondence about our days at DAA (now known as "DAAP," for Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning), which is to this day one of the top twenty design schools in the known universe. So we have a kinship of sorts, and I have found his comic strip to be most amusing. For nearly its entire run, it has been featured at or near the bottom of the page here at man with black hat.

As you can see from these examples; from 2002, 2008, and 2013, his cartooning skills have evolved, with the scenes possessing a higher degree of finish as time has gone on. His view of the American political scene, and the ability to laugh in the face of the danger, that of what we stand to lose as a nation, has become an inspiration for many, and he has benefited from an annual pledge drive, to which his devoted fans give generously, so as to keep his work going.

Where has the work gone lately?

There is an element of political conservatism that is a haven for the socially libertine, its adherents usually confusing that quality with libertarianism. Earlier this month, the cartoonist decided to introduce nudity with one of the couples, in particular, that of the upper frontal variety with one of the females. As much as I enjoy Chris's commentary, his latest push of the envelope was brought to my attention by an avid reader. The comic strip remains among “The Usual Suspects” in the blogroll for the time being. I love the guy's work, but the target audience of this venue is mainly that of practicing Catholics. I cannot take the chance that he will get the itch, to draw them without a stitch. And so, the strip itself will no longer be embedded here.

I regret the decision, for which I bear him no ill will. But not the reason.

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