Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Annette Funicello Theatre: Episode 3 “An Invitation”

Tonight is the next installment of our series in honor of the late Annette Funicello, in our continuing saga about a country girl who moves to the big city, where she learns about love, friendship, and the excess self-indulgence of the thoroughly modern teenager in postwar America.

In this our third episode, the delicate balance of the McCleod residence is completely disrupted, when Katie the Housekeeper (Mary Wickes) introduces hamburgers to the dinner table. To compound the mayhem, Uncle Archie's plans to wisk poor Annette off to an institution are completely foiled. Meanwhile, our young heroine makes the great leap forward by visiting a dress shop, where the local mavens of high society concoct an elaborate scheme, using the unsuspecting girl as their pawn. This episode originally aired on The Mickey Mouse Club on February 13, 1958.

Next week: “The Escort.”

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