Sunday, August 03, 2014

We Are All Nazareans!

The region once known as Mesopotamia, the ancient "land between the rivers," namely the Tigris and Euphrates, has long been known as the birthplace of all Western civilization. The early accounts in the Book of Genesis, of the Garden of Eden, and those of Adam and Eve's progeny, are attributed to this area, which corresponds to modern-day Iraq, Kuwait, and parts of Syria, Turkey, and Iran. It is here that the Christians, specifically Catholics, are known as “Nazareans” for the place of Our Lord's childhood, where Joseph and Mary lived before their Son began his public ministry. These ancient believers have been marked by the Arabic letter "Nunn."

Today, as the world watches in silence, if not indifference, Christians living in some parts of this region have been given a choice by the Muslim invaders; to convert to Islam, to leave, or to die. Nearly all have chosen to leave. The presence of the Church in that in the Iraqi city of Mosul has been shut down for the first time in fifteen hundred years. The burial place of Jonah, in the ancient city of Ninevah, has been destroyed.

It is a sad commentary of this nation, that its chief executive would praise the leaders of a false religion for their alleged contributions to American life, even as their fellow believers shout for the death of that very same land. Indeed, those of like mind have already rained death upon us since the beginning of this century; in New York City, across the Potomac River from Washington, and in a field in Pennsylvania.

The persecution of Christians in the cradle of the human race has slowly and surely begun. If it is not met with force, the errors of the Mohammadens will continue to spread throughout Europe, and the imposition of sharia law, already enacted at the local level in various parts of Michigan and New Jersey, will continue unabated, in what has up to now been known as "the land of the free."

By the waters,
The waters,
Of Babylon.

We lay down and wept,
And wept,
For thee Zion.

We remember thee,
Remember thee,
Remember thee, Zion.

The cry of the psalmist remembers. Who will stand for those who bear the crown of martyrdom? For we are all Nazareans now.

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