Thursday, August 28, 2014

Loose Lips in the Loggia (Saint Augustine Edition)

Today the Church remembers the "restless heart" named Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis, aka Augustine, a Roman citizen of north Africa, or what is now modern-day Algeria, who eventually was made Bishop of Hippo (the present-day city of Annaba) in the late fourth and early fifth century.

Meanwhile, here's what's bouncing around the bandwidth of believers lately:

Are we in the midst of the great Chastisement? My dad used to say, “Yes, and it’s called the ‘New Mass.’” Pat Archbold would probably agree, but offers a different explanation nonetheless. [Creative Minority Report]

Speaking of the "New Mass," Jeff Ostrowski attempts to shatter a few myths about the official liturgical reform, for the benefit of those devoted to liturgical studies (which is to say, not most of you). [Views from the Choir Loft]

In light of recent events, it has been made clear that the American bishops remain committed to dialogue with people in faraway lands who want to cut off our heads. Does anyone else see this ending well? [National Catholic Reporter]

A devoted Catholic husband and father says that a Holy Hour can be a "date." Not exactly a trip to the malt shop ... [Seton Magazine]

At some point, it is not enough to apply a bandage to a boil. The only remedy is to lance it. If anyone needed to make a case that the Legionnaires of Christ must be completely dissolved with nary a trace remaining, and its priests compelled to re-evaluate their ministry, they will find it here (as if the malevolence of its founder were not enough). [Pia de Solenni]

UPDATE: A message to the responsible parties in the aforementioned account: SORRY DON'T FEED THE BULLDOG! [National Catholic Reporter]

Finally, and on the other hand, a different and more moderate perspective is offered by canonist and Very Close Personal Friend Pete Vere, as well as how to tell when the same mistake might happen again. [Catholic Light]

Well, that's our story and we're stickin' to it. Remember to attend Holy Mass this Sunday. Until the next chattel of church chat, stay tuned, and stay in touch.

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