Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Until we return to our usual programming ...

It's that time of year in the Federal workplace, where we close out the old, and ring in the new. That means everybody wants something at once. As a result, several endeavors which have each required a certain amount of research have sort of fallen by the wayside, for want of a few loose ends tying up.

Fortunately, this little gem wasn't hard to find, or hard to convey. It seems that Hillsdale College came up with a list of “Top Ten Books You’ve Got To Read” for all you bookworms out there.

1. Aristotle’s Ethics
2. Plato’s Republic
3. Euclid’s Elements
4. Hayek’s Constitution of Liberty
5. The Federalist Papers
6. Homer’s Odyssey
7. Augustine’s Confessions
8. Shakespeare’s King Lear
9. Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment
10. C S Lewis’s Abolition of Man

I have to admit, for all the reading I do, I haven't read any of them -- no, not even the seventh one. My son Paul read the second one when he was a senior in high school, and it wasn't even required reading. I have no idea why. I've read other works by the author of the eighth one, but not that one. And I'm contemplating a new year's resolution to study the fifth one. In any case, at least this will placate my dedicated fan base for now (and you both know who you are), while I figure out a way to explain the real reason for this interregnum.

After all, my day job should hardly keep me from pursuing this in my spare time, don't you think?

Or don't you?

(H/T to New Advent.)

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